Psychedelic Portraits of Landscape- an exhibition by Minaa Mohsin

Psychedelic Portraits of Landscape- an exhibition by Minaa Mohsin
Minaa Mohsin is a Pakistani American painter who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from National College of Arts, Lahore, and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing from Pratt Institute, New York. Her artwork has been displayed worldwide, including in Pakistan, and her paintings invite viewers into an alternate reality where the familiar and the unfamiliar are juxtaposed in otherworldly settings, encouraging us to consider the infinite possibilities of existence. In this realm, female forms take on symbolic meanings of strength, beauty, and resilience, inspiring us to find comfort and embrace the extraordinary.
Minaa Mohsin has received residencies at the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts in NY in 2018 and the Chateau Orequvaux Artist Residency in Champagne, France in 2023. Since 2019, she has been a certified Golden Artist Educator in Pakistan, and she co-founded Partner Painters studio and project space in Lahore. Currently, she is a member of the visiting faculty at the Department of Fine Arts at the National College of Arts, Lahore.

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