The Alliance Française network

Map of Alliance Française network

The network of Alliance Française in the world:

The Alliance Française in Pakistan are part of the global Alliance Française network under the supervizion of the Fondation des Alliances Françaises. The Foundation’s primary mission is to regulate, animate, and coordinate the worldwide network of Alliance Françaises, established in 1883 and now constituting the world’s leading cultural NGO.
Legally and financially autonomous, operating under the associative model within local legal frameworks, there are currently 829 Alliance Françaises in 135 countries, spread across five continents. Their missions include:
  • Developing French language teaching and usage
  • Promoting understanding of French and Francophone cultures
  • Fostering diversity and dialogue between cultures.

The network of Alliances Françaises in Pakistan :


These Alliances Françaises are essential partners of the Embassy of France in Pakistan, actively supporting its cultural, linguistic, and educational initiatives. The Alliance Française de Lahore also hosts a Campus France office that promotes studies in France for Pakistani students. Moreover, the Alliances Françaises in Pakistan works with the Institut Français in Paris, which provides support in staff training and financial assistance for various cultural activities and promoting the French language.