who is Alliance Française de Lahore?

Alliance Française Lahore is an independent and non-profit organization founded in 1973. For more than 60 years, we are all dedicated to fostering a love of the French language and culture in Pakistan and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Alongside its partners, the Alliance Française offers throughout the year: French courses for children and adults, Urdu courses for foreigners, French certifications, a rich library of French books, cultural activities for both French speakers and non-French speakers, and encounters with French-speaking artists touring in Pakistan.

Our primary mission is to promote the French language and culture in Lahore and throughout Punjab and facilitate dialogue between Pakistani and French peoples. Alliance Française provides a platform where students, artists, and culture lovers can unite in the spirit of creativity and dialogue.

Our values are those upheld by the World Charter of the Alliance Française: the Alliance Française aims to promote, through cultural dialogue, a better understanding among peoples and a spirit of cooperation based on solidarity and mutual respect.

We are in the heart of Lahore, in Scotch Corner Upper Mall. Alliance Française de Lahore has been sharing its premises with the German Cultural Centre “Annemarie-Schimmel-Haus » since 2007. This collaboration helps us portray the deep bond between France and Germany today and strengthens our institutes' “European” feeling.

Alliance Française Lahore has two sub-branches, one at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) in Lahore and the other at the University of Agriculture Science in Faisalabad.