Ciné Club Alliance Française !

Ciné Club Alliance Française !
Ciné Club Alliance Française🎬 Join us for  captivating cinematic experiences at Alliance Française Lahore 🇫🇷✨This week, we’re hosting a free screening of “A la belle étoile”, a comedy about haute cuisine, integration and friendship” Sugar Star /  A la belle étoile “
In French with English subtitles
Friday 17th May 6.30 pm
Since a young age, Yazid has had only one passion, baking. From Epernay to Paris via Monaco, he will try to realize his dream: to work for the greatest pastry chefs and become the best.
With Riadh Belaïche, Marwan Amesker, Loubna Abidar

Get ready to indulge in laughter and inspiration with this delightful comedy. 🍿 
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